Close-up of the organically shaped wood and twisted glass roof of the AXICA event location. The light and wood are reflected in the glass.

the experience

the importance of the personal encounter

The experience

It’s not just the imme­dia­te vici­ni­ty of the Bran­den­burg Gate. It’s not only the visio­na­ry con­s­truc­tion of Frank Gehry. And it’s not the modern cui­sine with a com­mit­ment to regio­nal pro­du­ce. It’s the inter­play of loca­ti­on, archi­tec­tu­re und the stan­dard we set for an event loca­ti­on that ensu­res a uni­que AXICA-experience. 
Frontal exterior view of the building of the AXICA event location at Pariser Platz 3 in the evening light. Facade made of light-coloured sandstone and large rectangular windows in which light is shining.

Unique experiences need visionary places

the architecture

A place of encoun­ter has to reflect the trans­for­ma­ti­ve power that occurs when peo­p­le get tog­e­ther. Archi­tec­to­nic trail­bla­zer Frank O. Gehry mani­fes­ted this trans­for­ma­ti­on archi­tec­tu­ral­ly by con­s­truc­ting the DZ Bank – the buil­ding that hou­ses AXICA. Built in the 1990s in the imme­dia­te vici­ni­ty of the Bran­den­burg Gate, the Hotel Adlon and the Aca­de­my of Arts.

While the archi­tec­tu­re cap­tures the inher­ent chan­ge of a reu­ni­ted capi­tal, Gehry fur­ther­mo­re crea­ted a visio­na­ry monu­ment to postmodernism.
This is whe­re flowing lines with orga­­nic-see­­ming ele­ments meet sym­me­tric design. This is whe­re warm pine­wood paneling enters into playful ten­si­on with straight­for­ward glass con­s­truc­tions. In that way a place of move­ment and flow was crea­ted who­se impres­si­on no one can with­draw from.

„The best thing
I’ve ever done“ 
Frank O. Gehry
about the AXICA buil­ding at the Pari­ser Platz 3
Portrait photo of the architect Frank Owen Gehry when he is already an elderly man
Raw and marinated turnip with liquorice mayonnaise and green basil ice cream
We trust regio­nal ingre­di­ents, and the abili­ties and pas­si­on of our kit­chen and ser­vice staff. 
Two smiling chefs at the AXICA event location serving a vegetarian main course

Indulgence as a result of regional diversity and modern cooking craft

the catering

We don’t cook. In our house we crea­te culina­ry expe­ri­en­ces: regio­nal, diver­se – and abo­ve all made from our own hands.

Our beans grow at Dom­stift­gut Müt­zow, the perch comes from the capi­tal its­elf, and the Shii­ta­ke mush­rooms from Fehrbellin.

We love vege­ta­ri­an and vegan delights, and at the same time focus on sus­tainable meat pro­ducts, for exam­p­le from Gut Ker­kow in the bio­sphe­re reser­ve Schorfheide-Chorin.

For us, coo­king craft and app­re­cia­ti­ve ser­vice form an inse­pa­ra­ble unit. That’s why direct com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on bet­ween our kit­chen crew and our guests is just as important as with our ser­vice team, who will also greet you in French, Spa­nish or Arabic.

Top view of people at a reception at high tables

A potpourri of experiences

events in the AXICA

A sel­ec­tion of uni­que events that have one thing in com­mon: our stan­dard for sus­tainable and respectful event management.