Sky Lobby am Abend mit Blick über Berlin

the Sky Lobby & Lounges

space for visions

At eye level with the Quadriga

the Sky Lobby & Lounges

The view of Tier­gar­ten, the Bran­den­burg Gate and the Reichs­tag dome ensu­res beau­tiful moments at every event and gives spe­cial mea­ning to every encoun­ter. A place whe­re visi­ons can be pre­sen­ted, dis­cus­sed, or even born.

Sky Lobby am Abend mit Stuhlreihen nach außen blickend
Sky Lobby mit Bestuhlung im Carré
Events in the AXICA

Symposium 360 / OS Summit

Atlantic Council

The 360 / OS Sym­po­si­um, orga­ni­zed by the Atlan­tic Council’s Digi­tal Foren­sic Rese­arch Lab at AXICA, was the first sym­po­si­um of its kind, brin­ging tog­e­ther jour­na­lists, acti­vists, busi­ness lea­ders and poli­cy­ma­kers to harness the power of open source, social media and digi­tal forensics …

Madelaine Albright at the 360/OS Conference organized by the Atlantic Council