Recertification Top Apprenticeship

AXICA has been recer­ti­fied by DEHOGA as a top trai­ning orga­ni­sa­ti­on. This means that both the pro­fes­sio­nal and per­so­nal deve­lo­p­ment of trai­nees is a high prio­ri­ty in the com­pa­ny. We have been one of the cer­ti­fied com­pa­nies sin­ce 2020: for us, more than ever, the qua­li­ty of trai­ning is cru­cial, not only for a young person’s life path, but also as a mea­su­re of the abili­ty of com­pa­nies to adapt to chan­ging conditions.

AXICA has been trai­ning app­ren­ti­ces in the event manage­ment and kit­chen depart­ments for seve­ral years now. The trai­nees can rely on our trai­ner Dewi­ya­na Fau­zan and col­le­agues who not only know their work, but also pass it on in a qua­li­fied and pas­sio­na­te manner.

Our trai­nees take on their own pro­jects, such as AXICA cus­to­mer events, and are inten­si­ve­ly pre­pared for their final exams. Com­pli­ance with legal regu­la­ti­ons, the trai­ning frame­work plan, working hours and a coll­ec­tively agreed trai­ning allo­wan­ce are a mat­ter of course.

Trai­ning juni­or staff, dis­co­ve­ring and pro­mo­ting their talents and sup­port­ing them in their care­ers from the out­set and unco­ve­ring hid­den skills in the pro­cess – this is not only an important con­cern for us but also part of the AXICA Code of Conduct.