Youth debates National final 2023

On June 10, 2023, our Forum was trans­for­med into a ple­na­ry hall: the final of „Jugend debat­tiert“ took place.
The eight best deba­ters from around 200,000 stu­dents nati­on­wi­de com­pe­ted at the hig­hest rhe­to­ri­cal level in front of 500 spec­ta­tors in two exci­ting final deba­tes. Chai­red by jour­na­list San­dra Maisch­ber­ger, a mem­ber of the Jugend debat­tiert board of trus­tees, the expert jury eva­lua­ted the debaters.

Grace Sama­an from Engels­burg High School in Kas­sel, Hes­se, deba­ted against the intro­duc­tion of fami­ly voting rights in Ger­ma­ny with strong argu­ments. The 15-year-old thus won the com­pe­ti­ti­on for gra­des 8 to 10.
Kon­rad Thees, 18, from Kor­bi­ni­an Aigner Gym­na­si­um in Erding, Bava­ria, was con­vin­cing in the final of gra­des 10 to 13 on the ques­ti­on „Should Ber­lin app­ly to host the 2036 Sum­mer Olym­pics?“ He argued impres­si­ve­ly in favor of the bid.

We here at AXICA were all very impres­sed by how fac­tual­ly and con­vin­cin­g­ly the deba­tes were con­duc­ted and con­gra­tu­la­te the winners!

For more info on the event, visit Fede­ral Finals 2023.

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