25 years of AXICA the AXICA Movie Lounge

We tur­ned 25 this year – on June 1 to be pre­cise. We wan­ted to make this occa­si­on spe­cial and have been working on a movie over the past year: A movie that shows more than just our „four walls“.

Natu­ral­ly, we want to share the result. And so this week saw the start of our „AXICA Movie Lounge“ event series, to which we invi­ted prot­ago­nists, cus­to­mers, part­ners and com­pa­n­ions. Over break­fast and lunch after­wards, we were able to talk about the past and the future. It was a gre­at week with inten­si­ve dis­cus­sions – and this was just the begin­ning. Take a look at our impres­si­ons of the preview.

Our Movie Lounge con­ti­nues in July, August and Sep­tem­ber. We’­re not just invi­ting you for break­fast or lunch, we’­re also plan­ning after-work events.

We are loo­king for­ward to ever­y­thing that is to come and espe­ci­al­ly to sha­ring this spe­cial moment with you.

Pho­tos: AXICA / Marie Eberhardt