The lobster as a lucky brother

The lobster as a lucky brother

Our food tasting this time was more of a food photo shoot and was under a very special lucky star. An 8-course meal was prepared for a big insurance group from Malaysia. The customers themselves could not come to the rehearsal dinner.

How do you convey the taste of the food when the future guests are 10,000 km and 8 hours away? The AXICA kitchen crew with Bahram Hiller and Enrico Hilliger cooked every single course and set it up on plates to take a picture of it. The customers were given a detailed description of the ingredients and flavor combinations and of course the photos.

Challenge for the kitchen: the lobster for the main course was cooked several times until the customers were happy with the result. Because one thing is very important for the people in Malaysia: The lobster must be served from head to tail. Only in this way does he bring happiness from beginning to end - a closing circle.



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