Focus on Safety

Focus on Safety

Everyone knows it from the plane: the safety announcements prior to take off. But how do guests orientate themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Even more in an emergency situation.


The architecture of the AXICA is exceptional. A walk-in sculpture stuns in the Atrium, huge glass surfaces allow for interesting perspectives. Visitors are overwhelmed and take pictures, but few pay attention to the emergency exit signs.


AXICA Managing Director Marc Mundstock reviewed all safety measures and detected that they are well defined, but there is also potential for improvement in terms of immediate provision of information to guests onsite.


The AXICA took action by using a popular tool and created a safety film.

In an entertaining manner and prior to the event, guests are now being made aware of how to react to an emergency and where to locate the emergency exits.


You may preview the film on the AXICA youtube channel:



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