Family Dinner

Family Dinner

The customers had just simply invited to a family dinner - when the guests arrived, they found themselves in a setting that reminded more of a film premiere or the Berlinale Festival Gala than a small family celebration:

More than 150 meters of red carpet outside and in the entrance, the atrium festively illuminated by 24 moving lights, cameras and movie props everywhere, the stage Oscar-like.

The schedule, however, had it all: within an hour and 12 minutes, the 3 course menu had to be served.

For this logistic challenge, our team completely transformed the kitchen counter and the vegetarians were of course taken into account and had their corresponding meals.

AXICA project manager Martina Göttler was very pleased by the feedback from our customers:

"Thanks for all your help and support, which meant a lot to us and is highly appreciated.

It was beyond any words I could say, no other than thank you.  I could not find any better expressions to show my gratefulness.

Very happy to know you and it was my great pleasure to work / have fun with you over the last days."


Photos: AXICA / Thomas Rafalzyk



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