Falling Walls Conference

Falling Walls Conference

The Falling Walls Conference, which took place for the first time in 2009 on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, aims to tear down walls and overcome boundaries: in the mind, in thinking and in action. Every year on 9 November, 20 of the world's top researchers will be invited to Berlin to present their current breakthroughs in science and research and identify solutions to global challenges such as climate and energy production, health, nutrition, security, fair and sustainable economics.

AXICA is a partner of the Falling Walls Conference and this year, in addition to the Festive Dinner, a Falling Walls Circle took place for the first time in the Sky Lobby with a view of the Quadriga.

The food selection of the Festive Dinner this year was all about sustainability and thus the menu was completely vegetarian this time:

The starters were served in the Flying Service, there were smoked pointed cabbage with orange salad, goat cheese with spicy bee pollen and olives and chestnut soup with truffle. The main course was colorful and wild: served on a black plate, the 430 international guests tasted carrot fried in coffee with sauteed Swiss chard, purple potato and saffron spumante.

At the dessert buffet, guests enjoyed exciting food pairings: chocolate with coconut and cauliflower, quince with macadamia nougat and passion fruit, and yuzu cheesecake with caramel butter.


More information about the Falling Walls Foundation and the conference can be found HERE.



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