Diversity creates experience

Diversity creates experience

On the occasion of Diversity Day 2020, we as AXICA event location and premium caterer considered what diversity means for us as a team in our day-to-day activities. We want to make ourselves and our customers and partners aware of how much we gain through diversity in the team. Events are our daily business, but without the many different people who are involved with all their talents, skills and roots on the way from the event request to preparation to the festive table, none of this would be anything.
To illustrate this, we have produced a video for us entitled "Diversity creates an experience", which we will publish on Diversity Day.
AXICA was certified as a sustainable event location and caterer last year and is committed to the Diversity Charter. Our vision and mission is to host predominantly value-oriented events by 2024.

More information about us as a team and AXICA can be found at https://www.axica.de/about-axica.html
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