Chocolate with taste and conscience

Chocolate with taste and conscience

Making chocolate with the spirit of Berlin - that was the idea of ​​Daniel Budde and Christopher O´Connor. The two founders and makers of CANDIDE Berlin have been at home in our patisserie since last summer and, in addition to the finest chocolates for their own customers, also produce chocolate delicacies for our event guests.

The most important thing is the ingredients: Daniel and Christopher only use cocoa from original beans. The cocoa beans from different trees and layers are collected and processed separately to get their own nuances. Original Beans buys directly from farming families at twice the fair trade price. Last year Originial Beans improved the income of 5062 farming families and was also successful in the fight against child labor.

Candide chocolates are not only fair, sustainable and environmentally friendly - they are also delicious to melt away! Christopher and Daniel create delicious varieties such as tea passion fruit, cassis violets, basil licorice and a vegan praline with cherry laurel (alcohol and gluten free) specially created for AXICA.

A wonderful cooperation that benefits our guests and that takes us a bit further on our way to becoming more sustainable.

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